About me

Who am I?

I am a husband, father, doctor, son, skier, runner, mountain biker, novice musician, frequent couch potato, and writer. I recently added writing to my life and by doing so life became complete. It was the piece of the puzzle which was missing. Despite my busy schedule, and maybe even because of it, writing brings added fulfillment to my life.

Creativity has come rushing back, which before had been thoroughly stamped out by rote memorization and the rigid traditions of medical training. I began with writing a few children’s books, only one of which I self-published on amazon.com. I buckled down, writing everyday for a year producing my debut young adult novel, ORIGINS,  which is now available worldwide!  

I’m going to take you with me in this writing adventure and hopefully help you along the way in your own writing endeavors!

Thanks for stopping by,


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