Countdown to a wedding…er, I mean, release day!

IT’S OUT! Check it out on Amazon

Whoop! It is exciting to finally have a date. It felt like I just set another wedding date, well, without the financial obligation, flowers, ring or cake. (Although, maybe we should debut the release with a cake, not a bad idea.)

In some ways the release date is like a wedding date.

Let me explain with a few comparisons.

  • I am nervous, much more now that the date has actually been set, just like me with my own wedding date.
  • I am committing to have my name tied to something forever…in this case a book.
  • There is a ridiculous amount of planning and prep work to be done, similar to the excruciating process which was planning a wedding.
  • I love what I am doing and know it is right for me and my future.

So I don’t sleep in the doghouse tonight, let me be clear. My wedding date was and is infinitesimally more important than this book release. There are just a few similarities ;)


Those who signed up for the free pre-release version will receive it 2-3 weeks before. For those who have not signed up, there are only a few spots left (5 to be exact). So, hurry up!