Book Two Update!


Outline of Book Two is Complete!

Update: I have finished the outline for book two (still unnamed)! The first draft of the first chapter one is also complete and I have started on chapter two. Overall, I am even more excited about book two than Origins. The larger story will be revealed! Let me just say this, Pastor Anderson did not die, and he will play a large role in the second book!

Other news:

  • Due to a few protestations about the cliffhanger at the end of Origins, I plan on posting a preview of chapter one near the end of the month.
  • The Deluxe edition will be on sale soon! (Probably next week).




Origins ebook on SALE!

Origins is on SALE! Only $0.99 for today only! Get it on Amazon.


Review on!

Origins recently went under the critical eye of the fantastic reviewer blog!

Kristin, one of the co-founders and reviewers concluded her review with this, “So take it from the picky reader, the book is great and was a huge success with me!  I would highly recommend it to others and think it would make an awesome gift to young adult readers and other book lovers!”

Thanks Kristin! On their blog we are also doing a DELUXE edition giveaway! The Deluxe Edition of Origins includes  a custom T-shirt (see previous post), Coyle’s medical chart, special packaging, and some surprises! The giveaway ends in 7 days! Hurry and sign up!


Custom T-shirts for the Deluxe Edition of Origins!

The Custom T-Shirts for the DELUXE EDITION of ORIGINS!

The deluxe edition includes the custom T-shirt seen above, Coyle’s medical chart, special packaging, and a few surprises! Stay tuned for more details.