So, I’ve failed. The previously set release date is swiftly approaching and I’m still quite a ways from finishing the second book. I’m deep in the last chapters and re-writing much of the rest of the book. Time slipped through my fingers as they sat at my keyboard. Life seems to only speed up with each kid we have!

So, I’m sorry. The new release date is February 21st, 2014. Yes, that’s more than two months away. Yes, I feel like a failure, but I want the book to be a success. It would be a disservice if I rushed the last stages of the novel.

I’m still looking for alpha/beta readers (thanks to those who’ve already signed up). Email me if you are interested.


Cover reveal

Reverse Cover

Say hello to the Reverse (Book two of The Infusion Series) cover! I am ecstatic about how it turned out. What do you think?

Can you guess who the cover girl is supposed to be from the series?


BIG Announcement tomorrow!

Reverse (Book Two of The Infusion Series) announcement today!!

@ 6pm MST

Details, news, and a cover reveal!

Facebook event!


Book 2 Update!

Coyle’s quest to tear down the company continues while a new threat questions his role as liberator.

Release date: TBA

I know it seems far off but I learned from the first book that the editing process takes much longer than anticipated!

I am still looking for reviews of Origins. If you know anyone who has read it and enjoyed it could you encourage them to plop a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads?

Thanks for all the support!



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Sneak peek!

Just a short excerpt from Chapter 1. Hopefully doesn’t give away too much!

“I felt like laughing, as if being shot repeatedly, dying, coming back paralyzed, and now dying again were the funniest things in the world. I couldn’t move a single muscle but inside I was smiling. Dr. Bartnev gives the good stuff, I thought. Was I dying? The thought barely registered in my aloof mind.”

Making progress…slowly.


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Starts TOMORROW February 9th and ends February 21st!

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Origins by Steven Tandberg


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It has been a wild ride thus far and it is only getting started.

  • The ebook has been downloaded over 3000 times.
  • I have sold >100 paperback copies.
  • ORIGINS has 4.7 stars on Amazon and 4.33 stars on Goodreads! Thank you!
  • I entered ORIGINS into The Kindle Book Review “Best Indie Book Awards”. Semifinalists will be posted by July 1st and Winners on October 1st.
  • REVERSE, Book Two of The Infusion Series is 100% outlined and about 25% written.
  • I have participated in two Author Fairs and book signings at Page One Bookstore in Albuquerque. They now stock the paperback!
  • We gave away the DELUXE edition on which includes a special edition t-shirt, autographed book, Coyle’s medical chart, ORIGINS bookmark, and other goodies. The whole package will go on sale soon!

If you have read it, enjoyed it, and have time, would you mind posting an honest review on Amazon and Goodreads? Also, if you know friends that have read it, could you urge them to put down a review as well?

I know I am asking for this a lot, but it really is the lifeblood of book sales.


Thanks again!






Free for the last time this year!



Origins ebook

Origins (The Infusion Series) is FREE today (the ebook). This is the last time it will be offered for free this year so get it while you can!

I hope thousands of people are able to read Origins. Amazon’s KDP select makes this all possible, so kudos to them. Otherwise, my novel would not have this type of reach.



Paperback on sale!

Paperback is on sale!

So apparently Amazon decided to put the paperback version of Origins on sale. I didn’t know they were going to and I don’t object to it, but I sure would have liked to know. Right now it only costs $7.65!

So if you have been waiting to get the paperback, now is a great time!